Magma CMS

Magma CMS (Content Management System) is a robust and reliable, yet lightweight and easy-to-master web application and a PHP framework which allows easy and fast:

Anyone, even beginners with a small amount of technical skills can update their website based on Magma CMS, no matter if it's a tiny personal site or a corporate portal with thousands of pages.

I started this project by chance in 2001, as a backend support for my VW related website. It gained on its popularity after the site was featured in magazines and on TV. New modules and features were added on regular basis, security was greatly improved, so Magma CMS 2.0 become suitable for business applications.

Magma CMS 3.0 was officially released in January 2011. It retained its premium feature as previous incarnations - simplicity of use, everything else was new. With a brand new PHP framework and database structure, all written from scratch, well optimized, much faster and with smaller memory footprint, it become an excellent platform for high traffic web portals, business and eGovernment web applications.

Nowadays, new core versions, modules and updates are published on regular basis, with strong customer support. For more information, please check the links below.

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