80s. The beginning

In the early 80s my parents got me Commodore 64. As every kid, I played games at first, but got bored and started to tinker around with the C64's "almighty" Basic and 38KB of free memory. Soon enough I hit the limits and begun to chew assembler in order to build intros. One step led to another and so, I made and sold my first computer application in 5th grade.

90s. PC era.

The next logical step was Amiga. Due to fait or what, I got a pure beast instead: an used PC AT. Not a single game worked on that thing (well, except Tetris) but the Turbo Pascal did. And that was my first insight into object programming. Until the 80s ended, I managed to complete GUI for my MS DOS applications. Afterwards came the 90s, 386, 486 and Pentium, Windows 3.0 and 95, Delphi, multimedia... During high school, and later the studies of Mechanical Engineering, I kept building applications in my spare time, but due to civil war and economic sanctions, demand for custom built software was very limited. And then, in the late 90s came the Internet.

The 21st Century

Got my B.Sc and the first office job as a Mechanical Engineer, in Energoprojekt corporation. I embraced the PHP/MySQL combo over Delphi. Kept my coding skills below the radar, and used them mostly to build applications that will help me on my everyday office tasks, master and eventually PhD studies. Just for fun, started to develop models and algorithms to emulate company organization and documents flow. By chance, started a small personal website in 2001, to show off my VW beetle. CMS initially made for that website evolved to whats nowadays known as the Magma CMS. Finally, combined all of my coding skills, knowledge and work experience into Magma Business Applications. The rest is history.