My great passion are old cars, especially '32 Ford Deuce Coupe, Hudson Hornet, '57 Chevy and air-cooled Volkswagens. Living on the European side of the pond, American iron is rather scarce but thankfully to VW assembly plant in the former Yugoslavia and a number of Serbian gastarbeiters in Germany, we have a plenty of air-cooled VWs to play with.

This is my first VW. Got it well preserved, with only 48K Kms. In the late 90s, I used it as a "guinea pig" for chroming and gold plating. Quality of the process turned out to be so high that even nowadays all galvanized parts are still immaculate with mirror like finish. This VW beetle is a major to blame for birth of the Magma CMS. Nowadays spends most of its time in the garage, but occasionally can be seen on VW events in the region.